New Mexico Final Exam Test Site Instructions & Availability

After completion of the at-home portion of your course, you need to attend a test site. Most locations require an appointment prior to showing up at the site for the test. The username and password utilized for the at-home portion of the course will also work at the test site. The final exam is 50 questions. If you fail, you may retake the final again up to three times. You will also see a different set of 50 questions. You will know immediately when you pass as the computer will grade your on screen answers.

Upon graduation, the corporate office data base will automatically update and verification of your completion will be sent to you for return to the court. You may ask the test site to print out the confirmation page showing you passed, but there may be an additional charge. You may also order an official certificate copy when you enroll for the course, and will receive a graduation email sent automatically free of charge. You may use the link below to view location availability.

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Frequently Asked Test Location Questions

Can I use the test sites' computers for the at-home portion of the course as well?

The test sites usually do have computers available. However, your enrollment only includes the final exam portion at these sites, not additional time. You may utilize their computers for other time online, but their standard usage charges may apply.

Is there parking at these facilities?

Yes, there is usually free and reserved parking at these facilities.

What do I do when I arrive at the test site?

When you arrive at the test site, go to the front counter and let the person know you are there for the traffic school exam. You will sign a roll sheet and show your driver's license. You will then be logged onto a final exam page accessible only at the test site. You will then enter the same username and password chosen when you enrolled, and you will have access to the final exam.

What happens when I pass?

A completion verification will be sent to you after you complete your final exam. An e-mail verifying your completion will be sent to you and you will see an on-screen congratulations as well. No physical certificate will be given out at the test site.

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